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History: St. Croix Brewery was founded in 1860’s by Gerhard Knipps in Stillwater MN. The brewery was located in north end of Stillwater near the Tamarack House. Like many early pioneer breweries of the valley, it served the local loggers of the area. As Stillwater grew the St. Croix Brewery sold and its operations ceased in the latter part of the 19th century. The buildings and land were used for various mercantile interests until the early 1950’s when it was razed to make room for the Highway 95 realignment. In 1995 the St. Croix Brewing Company was once again reborn by a local homebrewer and came to be known as the St. Croix Beer Company. Introduced that year was the American Original St. Croix Maple Ale. In 2003 Tod Fyten purchased the St. Croix Beer Company and renamed it the St. Croix Brewing Company, LLC. Currently headquartered in St. Paul, plans are to once again build a brewery in the St. Croix River Valley.

Watch this space for news of our upcoming Stillwater project.

St. Croix Cream Cask Stout is one of our limited release beers, our Cream Stout infused with cocoa bean and vanilla and served from a cask. It's totally off the hook!

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